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It is our hope that the men of our church will grow deeper in their faith through fellowship, service, food and just plain fun.  With a variety of events at least once a month, we strive to make everyone feel welcomed and to strengthen their walk with Christ through shared experiences.  


The GP Men's Group meets monthly for fellowship, bible study, topic discussions and service projects.  As it grows, so does its reach into our community and the world.  If you've just been attending and wish you could be more involved, this is an easy way to make some friends and to be useful.  


"Just as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."  The Proverbs are correct in saying that men need relationships.  And those relationships should have an element of challenge.  If you'd like to grow deeper in your faith and have some meaningful fellowship, please check us out.  Every month, we meet up to serve in the community, camp, discuss the bible or just have fun.  And...we always eat.  

To get connected with all things men around The Genesis Project and to find out what events are going on, contact John Cleveland and he will get you connected.

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