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Genesis Project




Mission Statement:

The Genesis Project Worship Ministry exists to magnify the greatness of God in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit by skillfully combining God's Word with music, to connect people to the Gospel and the ministry of Jesus, and to encourage spiritual growth.

Worship Team Requirements

Personal Worship Time:

Team members need to be spending time with God in worship and prayer away from the ministry.  We are worshippers and we cannot lead others where we have not gone ourselves.

Support the Genesis Project:

Team members should actively support the leadership and mission of the Genesis Project, through regular attendance of worship services, and other events as well as giving of time and talents outside of the worship ministry.  The worship  team is strongly encourages to attend Wednesday night bible studies, so we can grow strong spiritually together.


Team members are expected to actively improve their craft.  Private lessons are not required, but always be seeking for new ways to be creative and grow in your skills.  Areas of focus include basic music theory rhythmic skills, playing and singing with other musicians, and learning about the effects and other musical tools used in worship.

Setting an example:

Leading worship is more than what we do Sunday, leading worship starts with the way we live our lives.  Following 1 Tim 4:12 "Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity."  Realize no matter how private we think our personal life is, it is still an example to those around us.  Everyone on the team is encouraged to hold each other accountable. 

Foster a teachable heart:

Team members should be willing to be corrected when singing or hitting a wrong note, and understand it's for the best interests of the individual and the team.


Personal Practice;

Team members are expected to commit time to individual practice to prepare for group rehearsals and worship services.  Recognize that this worship ministry requires a large time commitment and it is wasteful of the team's time to be unprepared for rehearsal.  Please listen to the songs before rehearsal and know the parts you are going to play so you can try them out during the rehearsals.

Family Support:

It is important that our immediate family members are willing to accept the necessary time commitments and be supportive of our roles and commitments.

Worship Team Expectations:

Skill Level:

Participants must be able to keep up technically with the worship team as a whole and become a productive addition.  All participants must be open to additional training from the worship leader and other more skilled members of the team.  Helpful skills are to be able to play and sing by ear, reading chord sheets, and memorizing music as needed.


All team members are required to attend weekly rehearsal sessions when scheduled.  If you are unable to attend rehearsal for any reasons please notify the worship leader as soon as possible.  Failure to attend could lead to not playing that following Sunday.

Probationary Period:

All new members of the worship team will be subject to a probationary period.  Ordinarily there will be a two month probationary period during which the individual will attend practice sessions, but will not play/sing with the team during services or other special functions.  The purpose of this directive is to ascertain who is properly suited for our team and to allow the rest of the team to gel musically in a safe and comfortable environment.

Stage Presence:

Recognizing that our role is to serve the congregation and to enhance the worship service.  The worship is not about us or our music and our attitude on stage should reflect that.  We should always strive to create an atmosphere of worship and reference, especially while we are not playing.  Understand the significance of body language.


Team members need to be on  time to weekly rehearsals and pre-service practice.  Team members who continually disregard starting times for rehearsals and meetings will be put on probation.  If it is not possible to make rehearsal on time, it's considered polite to notify the team leader.  Please refrain from using cell phones or other distractions.  Turn them off or on silent during the rehearsals.

Dress Standard:

It is expected that members of the worship team dress appropriately.  No clothing with inappropriate logos or any provocative clothing.

Strive to be flexible:

Team members need to be flexible.  Things can change with a moment's notice and it is our job to be prepared and be ready for anything that could happen and lead with a positive manner through these changes.

Be Creative:

Each member of the team is encouraged to be creative and to contribute to the team.  Don't be afraid to suggest, comment or ask questions about anything we do.  However please be courteous of other team members.  Don't tell others how to do their job while they are doing it.  If you have suggestions, wait for a weekly rehearsal or at least after the worship service to discuss it with the team leader.

Worship Team Application

Are you a participating member of the Genesis Project?

The Worship Department maintains a team website where team members are expected to log in and check schedules, download music charts, and prepare for rehearsals on their own.

Do you have regula access to a computer, te internet, and a printer
Can you read chord charts or sheet music



Thank you for applying for the worship team.  We will go through the application and get back to you!

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