We are one big family here at GP, working together not just to create a nourishing place, but to spread the love of the gospel to our communities.  As part of this ongoing movement, we ask and challenge each individual to hold to the following commitments.  These commitments work to bring healing and restoration into our homes, neighborhoods, and city.  Join us as one team to see God's love spread!


"Be one church"

The purpose of the church is community. In order to be the community that Jesus has called us to be, it is important for us to “commune” together! That is why, here at The Genesis Project, we have set aside Sunday Mornings as a time of corporate worship unto God and Wednesday Evenings as a time of corporate study and learning in God’s Word.

The first commitment we ask you to make is a commitment to community in weekly worship and growth here @ The Genesis Project.


"Serve 1"

From the very beginning, The Genesis Project has been a church that believes in the power of serving others as the heart of Jesus extended to our community. The call to serve is to ALL OF US who count it a privilege to be a part of the Body of Christ. It is this missional mandate that truly makes The Genesis Project a gospel movement. Any one of us may look at our part as small and meaningless; but it is the cumulative sum of Christ working within each of us that truly has the potential to change our city from the inside out!

The second commitment we ask you to make is a commitment to serve within one of the ministries of The Genesis Project.


"Give 12"

For over a decade the largest expense that The Genesis Project has had to wrestle with is the ongoing need to provide adequate space to house the various ministries of our growing church. Today, God has given us the opportunity to purchase a campus that will meet the needs of our ministry for generations to come. As we take on this new debt we have dedicated ourselves to the goal of paying off this mortgage within the next 10 years so that we may pass along a fully owned campus to the next generation of The Genesis Project.



The third commitment we ask you to make is a commitment to giving a $12 weekly offering above and beyond your regular giving to The Genesis Project with the purpose of creating a debt free future for our church.


"Love 5"

The heart of The Genesis Project is Real Relationships. Our loving relationships with one another are ultimately a display of the love of our God who calls us all into a perfect and complete relationship with him. Real Relationships, at their very core, are organic in nature. They cannot be forced or manufactured by church programming or initiatives. The truth is it is impossible for someone to be in relationship with a church. Relationships can only happen when you and I purposefully choose to love one another.

The fourth commitment we ask you to make is a commitment to intentionally and prayerfully engage 5 people in a real relationship that moves beyond the confines of “church” into the sacred space of real life.

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