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Dear friends and supporters,

We are thrilled to announce Night to Shine 2025, a truly magical event that celebrates the beauty and worth of individuals with special needs. We invite you to join us on this incredible journey and make a difference in the lives of these remarkable individuals.

Night to Shine has become a beacon of God's Love, inclusivity and joy in our community. It is a prom night experience like no other, where every guest is treated like royalty, shining brightly under the spotlight. This event not only provides an unforgettable evening of celebration but also empowers individuals with special needs, boosting their confidence and reminding them of their immense value.

To make Night to Shine 2025 a resounding success, we rely on the support of generous donors like you. Your contributions will help cover the necessary expenses, ensuring that every detail is meticulously planned to create a night that will be etched in the memories of our guests forever.

We are excited to inform you that all funds donated to Night to Shine 2025 are considered charitable contributions for tax purposes. By supporting this remarkable event, you not only provide a magical experience for those in attendance but also receive the benefit of a tax deduction.

Your generosity will enable us to enhance the event experience, providing elegant decorations, professional photography, delicious meals, exciting entertainment, and a red-carpet experience that will leave our guests feeling loved, cherished, and celebrated.

Thank you for your consideration in making a donation to Night to Shine 2025 and being a part of this transformative evening. No contribution is too small, as every dollar makes a difference. Together, we can create an inclusive community where everyone feels valued and has the opportunity to shine.

To donate, simply click on the "GIVE HERE TODAY" button below. You can securely make your contribution online, and you will receive a formal acknowledgment letter or receipt stating that your donation is considered a charitable contribution for tax purposes.

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all our donors and supporters who have made Night to Shine a cherished event year after year. Your unwavering commitment and generosity continue to inspire us and make a lasting impact on the lives of individuals with special needs.


Thank you for considering supporting Night to Shine 2025. Together, let's create a night of love, joy, and inclusivity that will shine brightly in the hearts of all involved.



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