about us

Thank you for checking out The Genesis Project today!   The word “Genesis” means beginning, and our hope is that you will find a new beginning here at the Genesis Project. No matter who you are or where you’ve been, we are confident you will find a place to belong and a place to grow here.
We know there are no perfect people.We have invested everything we have in the good news that Jesus really lived life perfected, really died a blameless death, and really rose again three days later so that we might live an abundant life in Him! It is this life that drives everything we do as a church. From the lattes we serve, to the songs we sing, to the conversations around a coffee table, the Genesis Project is a life-giving place that is dedicated to sharing our hope with our city. We know the most powerful way to do this is not through a set of rules or “religion” but through real relationships .
At the Genesis Project we believe in relationships. First and foremost is a personal, living, growing relationship with God through Jesus. This is the foundation to a new life that will radically change you.  We believe in families, and no matter what your family looks like, we are here to serve you and your loved ones. Finally, we believe in being relationally involved in a community. The Genesis Project doesn’t exist to be just another place to attend church. We are here to live life together, through the good times and bad. Our goal is to support one another in service and love as we pursue God together and see the city of Ogden changed forever!
Pastor Matt